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Hey guys!

Check out my brand new bootleg of James Talk & Ridney ft. Max C – One For Me!

It’s got a big progressive house vibe and some monster beats. It’s temporarily on free download too, so grab it from SoundCloud from the link below by clicking the Download link:

Big, Euphoric, Dirty, Electro, House!

Scoop is back with a heart-throbbing monster! The original mix ‘Meet My Soul’ is filled with euphoric break downs and crazy electro drops. Added to the beast is Afrojack’s hugely successful Take Over Control vocals to give it an instantly playable club banger certified stamp.

Free download available from SoundCloud (link below YouTube video) and original mix is available there too.

Happy playing!

Hey guys,

Check out my brand new track Heart Me. I’ve put John Martin’s huge Save The World vocals over the top for instant commercial value for you to play out anywhere you want!

Don’t forget to keep on sharing my tracks, much love! <3

Original & Download link via my SoundCloud:

Hey guys,

Check out my latest WTFunk remix of this weeks UK number one, Ne-Yo’s Let Me Love You. If you love your funky tunes, this one might just tickle you!

I’ll be releasing an extended version soon, so check out my SoundCloud: for that.

Enjoy! <3

Hey guys, hope all is well!

Been working on my new Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen remix today and managed to get it finished before bed time (I hate leaving projects unfinished!)

Anyways I hope you guys enjoy it and feel free to download it free from my SoundCloud (


Remix of DJ Scoop’s Crazy Fool with Ian Carey’s big Get Shaky track!

DJ Scoop’s brand new track “Crazy Fool” is guaranteed to get the best of dance floor’s rocking with it’s euphoric drops and turbulent crazy dutch leads.